First Post ! #yay ;)

Yes, this is the first post of my second blog and there are not even traces that my first blog existed. Its like it passed through the Bermuda triangle and boom, long gone forever. I lost my first blog due to some technical failure which resulted due to a disastrous economical hit. Yes, i dint pay them for the hosting account. At least they could've mailed me my account back-up. The best part about my old blog is that no one close to me knew i had one. The title of this blog may sound weird, sometimes even stupid, but has a 2000-page-long-story behind it which will be revealed as the blog unwraps. I'm starting this blog when there were punctual power cuts(12-1 P.M. in my locale) in Chennai, TamilNadu, India and very shortly after the Mumbai 7/11 incident. I'm a kerala born, chennai raised mallu and i very much like it this way. Love it. One will find a lot of deviations and unordernesss in all my posts and the reason behind that is, distractions. Already boring, isn't it ? Yeah. Thats kinda true. I got no super-stuff to write but i still write whatever comes into my 15–33 billion neurons supplying matterialistic supplies to write.

I actually wanted to start this blog a month ago but whenever i started to write something someone/body din't want me to finish it. It was the TNEB and they kept cutting power. I should have been more time conscious. Another reason behind bringing up this blog is the joblessness. I just completed my Bachelor's Engineering in Computer Science waiting for the fate to take its course. If nothing is happening then you've to wait until something happens. That is how i take it. Got two options for now, one is an MBA and another is to find a decent job. Breakfast bells ringing inside me which is a sign that i have to leave now. So here i go and soon will i come back with some stupidity-cum-fun-packed action posts. Please feel free to comment/ yell  or whatever. Cheers ! :)


Arvind Singh said...

Looking forward to the posts mate..:)

Vysakh V Menon said...

@Arvind Singh oh yes. Keep checking in ! :)

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