Five reasons why you shouldn't be in a 'Long distance Relationship'.

I actually started to write on a different topic but then a 3minute-21second phone call from my friend changed things. He asked me to map a train ! "Seriously ? They also have something for that ?", was my lightning-naive response but after google'ing i found that there is one portal that tells us where the train is and it also maps the current position of the train in google maps. I seriously felt proud that my country, in spite of all those corruption/scam and crappy stuffs (every nation has its own pile of crap and we've to accept it), is also scaling heights technologically. And by this time you would start to wonder why the hell am i speaking crap instead of simply listing out the five points as mentioned in the title. First of all, i'm not the one to be blamed. Its the university-exam practice that is making me do this. The more you drag the more you score is the success mantra, for many. So, coming to the title point, my friend has a girlfriend and she boarded a train but never called him. And my friend here wanted to make sure that everything was ok. And things happened one after the other. And yes, they are trying to work out a long distance relationship thingy. Ugh, lots of "Ands" !

So here comes the reasons why you shouldn't be in a so-called long distance relationship.

One: Bond between close friends/ friends weakens.
Yes, you tend to forget things happening around you. I'm not exaggerating. Not at all. This usually happens in love but the intensity is higher when someone is in a LDR. You will not find time to spend with the near and dear but you've all the time in the world to spend for each other. If we go ahead and ask them why is he/she doing this they have the best ready made answer - 'I see you almost everyday but its not the case with her/him. So this'. Simple, isn't ? S#!t happens. Oh and ya, i personally am not against LDR at all. Also, i don't support either. I fall in the neutral territory.

Two:  You fall prey to the Acute Gadget'ty Syndrome, which surprisingly din't make it to the book of medicine. Ya, i know, so sad.
You become super-gadget'ty and spend most of the money and time trying to get as close as you can virtually. Computers and mobile phones tops the list with the tablets catching up immediately behind. Some people even end up buying Andriods and iPhones with internet so that they can IM from anywhere anytime and still maintain a hot link. oh, i totally forgot about this 3G. Now you can speak face to face even when either of them are miles and miles apart. Video callers have the best support available. You also need to take into consideration about the WHO's finding of mobile phones possibly being carcinogenic.

Three: Money matters.
Once you are in you have no idea where your money is going. You become money-unconscious and most of it goes into your own phone as talk value. But where actually is the talk value ? I've tagged a BOLO on it. Lets see if something shows up, someday. The other portion of the money is spent on travel and lodging. This kinda spending is quite ok if your parents are super-rich. But hey, you still have to be there for them. And the rest of it goes to KFCs, McDs and other eateries where you only eat to show off.

Four: There is only three. I just made up the numbers and randomly landed on 5. I know i've missed many notable points but if you have something to share, you are totally welcome. Thanks in advance and thanks for reading. Until then, take care.

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